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op-down▓ planning key to science and technology development▓10-07-2019 09:30 BJTTop-down planning has played a leading▓ role in promoting science and technology development in China.As early as in 1956, the Chinese government formulated a long-term plan for science and technology advancement. On the outset of the reform and opening up drive, science and technology was further establ▓ished as primary productive forces. And since the 18th CPC ▓national congress in 2012, the government has decided ▓to fully implement an innovation driven developmen▓t strategy.Over the years, China has blazed a new trai▓l of development that is supported by talents and innovation▓ in science and technology, which propelled industrial development and economic growth. Chinese enterprises, as a k▓ey driving force for technological progress, account for over 70 percent of the nation's investment on research and d▓evelopment. They also contribute the highest nu

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